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4 days - 3 nights
3 days - 2 nights
 Sumba is one of the three major island in East Nusa Tenggara, well-known throughout Indonesia for its sarong weaving. Here is the centre of megalithic tombs and traditional villages. It has been the home of King "UMBU" for the past century, regular and ritual ceremonies still take place in Sumba. The animistic native people and their villages still reminds us of the past and the struggle of survival.
Day- 1 (L-D):
Arrival Waingapu. Upon arrival from Kupang (Timor island) transfer to hotel, lunch, then city-tour to LONDALIMA beach, PRAILIU weaving, Kawangu village with its megalithic tombs or halfday tour to Rende, Praiyawang, Megalithic tombs village, dinner, overnight.
Day - 2 (B-L-D):
Waingapu - Waikabubak. After breakfast, depart to Waikabubak (West Sumba) transfer to hotel. Iunch, see Tarung primitive village, Elu and Tabena directly to Waikelo Beach, back to hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day- 3 (B-L-D):
Waikabubak - Waingapu. After breakfast, visit public market Elopada then to Wanakoka to see horse racing stadium and special event ceremonies, lunch, then enroute to Anakalang to view the largest megalithic tombs in Sumba, Lai Tarung with 12 clans and central village, directly proceed to Waingapu, transfer to hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day - 4 (B):
Waingapu - departure. After breakfast, transfer out to airport for your next destination (to Denpasar or back to Kupang).

ROTE is a small island 1214,3 square kms in area and located to the South of Kupang, just 20 minutes by airplane and three hours by ferry boat from Kupang. It is island of unspoilt natural scenery and sea shore, fascinating cultures, ancestral heritage and the way of life of Rotenese people. Rote is famous for its "SASANDO" music (lontar musical instrument), folk dancing and the twinstone at BATU TERMANU. Lokal markets in Rote are very colourful.

Day- 1 (L-D):
Arrival BAA. Upon arrival, check in at Losmen BAA, lunch, afternoon tour to SANGGOEN, then to MODALE beach and back to losmen (cultural show upon request at additional charges).
Day - 2 (B-L-D):
BAA and surroundings. After breakfast, fullyday tour to DELLA Beach. Iunch visit Batu Termanu twinstones, to see sunset, dinner, overnight.
Day- 3 (B):
BAA - departure. After breakfast, leave losmen for airport for your next destination.
Due to Merpati Nusantara is only operate every Friday between Kupang- Rote vv by Cassa Aircraft, should take one way by boat, otherwise should stay a week.

3 days - 2 nights
 Sabu is a remote island, covering an area of 460,78 square kms with a population of 30,000 people. It is located South West of Kupang. Sabu has much to offer to you, such as beautiful unspoilt beaches and spring water bubling out from inside a deep cave, also fascinating site of Sabunese anisism with ceremonial offering to their ancestors, the landing place of Captain Cook, traditional "IKAT" weaving at its best with natural dyes and fibres, magnificent folk dancing and also the smilling welcome of the people.
Day- 1 (L-D):
Arrival at SEBA. Uppon arrival, check in at pension/private home stay, lunch, see spring and the cave worship site, dinner, overnight.
Day- 2 (B-L-D):
SEBA-surroundings. After breakfast, visit weaving village, sun and bathe at beach, lunch, explore the traditional village, dinner, overnight.
Day - 3 (B) :
SEBA - departure. After breakfast, free at leisure, depart to airport for your next destination.

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