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Daily Sketch - Day #15,146

Daily Sketch - Day #15,146
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(2018) A Triptych Of Time
This is a surreal illustration with the theme of Trinity, tying the symbol with the passage of time.
As Buddhism has a trinity of 3 Buddhas representing past, present, and future, I mixed the religions of East and West together for visual exploration.
The past panel features cave painting from Indonesia called Gua Tewet (the Tree of Life), estimated 40,000 years old.
The present panel I went for Van Gogh's Starry Night,
and the center eye was drawn having the eye of Michelangelo's David in mind.
The future panel I got a pigeon flying high, and a hint of the absurd Tesla Roadster in space with SpaceX Starman in it.
There are 3 Celtic symbols behind each surrounding "eye": Triquetra (Cycle), Triskelion (Action), and Tree of Life.
Date: 2018-02-13 17:06:54

Trinity Time Eye Night Tree Life Past Present Future Triptych Starry Cave Painting Celtic Triskelion Triquetra Taichi Buddha Ghost Father Son Christianity Hand Stencil Bird Pigeon

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