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East Indonesia Astonished All Tourist In The World

Indonesia is undoubtedly as the dream destination for those who love island-hopping through unspoilt tropical hideaways. The diversity among these islands is astonishing. From the lush rainforests of Borneo to the arid landscapes of Lesser Sunda, from the Hindu-Buddhist influenced culture of Java to the "stone-age" ones in Papua, from lthe paradise island of Bali to atolls where all you find is a few palm trees - Indonesia just about has it all.

Over 700 ethnic groups call Indonesia is their home, a number only surpassed by neighbouring Papua New Guinea. Scattered between Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara and Papua, and long known in the West as the "Spice Islands", whose once unique cloves and nutmeg drew visitors from all over the world for centuries, Maluku is made up by over a thousand beautiful tropical islands with lush vegetation and unique fauna, stunning beaches and marine life, and very friendly, hospitable people.

While, Papua is home to an incredible diversity of flora, fauna and cultures. The rugged terrain and the relatively late coming of the outside world to the island has helped to preserve the unique biological and cultural diversity here better than probably anywhere else in the tropics, though for better or worse, change is accelerating.

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